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Musical Musings by dj Eviscerator

The life of Elk Bellows in music – a Spotify playlist:

I would walk from my flat on Quality Hill to the Argonaut on Colfax, and always took the shortest route once I found it. From Tenth and Downing, I would zigzag the blocks to Thirteenth and Emerson; across the schoolyard to Fourteenth; through the parking lot back of St. John’s; onto the new Argonaut parking plane. This I knew to be the best route, for when you crave liquor, the straight road is the kind road. (I never drive to treat a vice.) If I hadn’t bumped into a fellow sporting a torn khaki shirt and a Roxy button at a Valley party near Boulder, I might never have known, at least not so soon, of Wax Trax, a record store first located at Thirteenth and Ogden. I missed it on my beer runs; oh, how I’ll miss it now, with their relocation to Chicago. Before this drunken redhead Dannie informed me that he had a store in Denver that catered to the English sound, I knew there was some Roxy crowd around, after paying heed to a bunch of leather-jacketed high-heeled rockers storming it at the Broadway after the Bowie concert. The buttons were all Roxy, what a nice surprise, since I thought I was informed, just new to Denver from a stint in Chicago. It was underground there, word of mouth let you in on the pleasure. But right here in Denver – growing up here I liked to call it my town – there was music to glue to aboveground. You must realize David Bowie brings the tar out of his fans.
– circa 1978

With Bowie dead, it’s time to catch a concert with that other “sentimental fool” Bryan Ferry, live at the Paramount August 3, 2017: